By the power of Grayskull Sony has commissioned two screenwriters to take on their He-Man reboot, Masters of the Universe. They’ve hired Mike Finch and Alex Litvak, the screenwriting team behind Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming Predators movie, which means they know a thing or two about reinventing a franchise.

According THR, the film was previously set up at Warner Bros with John Stevenson (Kung-Fu Panda) attached to direct but that plan hit the skids. Apparently, the WB and Mattel couldn’t agree on where to take the movie creatively, so they dropped it all together. Sony plans to cover the basic elements of He-Man lore by focusing on the young man and his battle against the evil Skeletor for his mystical homeland, Eternia.

Finch and Litvak are newbies on the screenwriting scene and before we pass any judgment we need to see what they do with Predators. Until then, my opinions will stay neutral. The original Masters of the Universe worked really well on a campy level because it was released in the eighties and in that decade anything could fly (Howard the Duck, Superman IV, do I need to go on?) It will be a lot harder to sell Prince Adam, his homoerotic costume, and his questionable friends to this generation. Do you think they can pull it off?

Do you think Finch and Litvak have what it takes to make Masters of the Universe appealing for new audiences?