It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Paramount’s upcoming reboot of the Tom Clancy based Jack Ryan franchise. The last time we checked, Chris Pine had signed on to play the legendary CIA agent and was poised to bring a younger, hipper Ryan to the masses. Over at Pajiba, they’ve caught wind of some serious plot details and the film’s working title, which will be a lot snazzier than what we’ve seen in the past.

According to the site’s source, the movie will take place after Ryan’s stint in the Marines but before he joins the CIA. He’ll be a Wall Street stock broker, a job that will play heavily into the script’s story.

In the new movie, he will have transplanted to Moscow to continue his financial advising, not for Merill Lynch (which has been absorbed by Bank of America), but for a billionaire employer. It is that billionaire employer who eventually sets Jack Ryan up to take the fall for terrorist plot designed to collapse the U.S. economy.

It doesn’t matter where Jack Ryan goes because danger is sure to follow. Even as a glorified accountant he can’t catch a break. There’s also word that his family will be in danger, and we’re pretty sure at some point he’ll be involved in a race against time for something.

On another note, the working title for the the film is simply called, Moscow. We’re assuming the studio thinks the title is sleeker than something like The Sum of All Fears but it sort of sounds like a funky men’s cologne to us.

What do you think of the new Jack Ryan story and title?