After punching and swearing his way through Kick-Ass, director Matthew Vaughn might hop over to another comic property called Turf. It may sound like a growth aid for your lawn but it’s actually a new series by British talk show and radio personality Jonathan Ross. Besides both men being from the same country, they share the common link of Ross’ wife Jane Goldman, who penned….you guessed it, Kick-Ass!

In an in depth interview over at The Guardian Ross spoke about his devout love for comics and his future plans for a possible Turf movie. He stated, “There will be five further issues, a hardback collection and – if all goes to plan – a Turf movie made by Matthew Vaughn.” Since it’s a new publication and not many people know about it in the States, here’s the plot synopsis of what Turf is all about.

Set in Prohibition-era New York, TURF offers a twist on the hard boiled crime thriller, adds vampires and aliens to the traditional mix of booze, broads and bullets as it chronicles the eruption of a vengeful gang war between booze-smuggling mobsters and the blood thirsty Dragonmir Family. As an ancient prophecy unfolds amidst the maelstrom of violence, the entire city is engulfed by the brutal conflict and the only glimmer of hope is an unlikely alliance between tough guy Eddie Falco and a stranger from another world.

Damn, we were completely gung-ho before the word “vampires” popped up in the description. Don’t get us wrong, vamps are some of the coolest creatures in the world but these days –they’re everywhere! We need a break from them. With that aside, the hard boiled crime thriller element does sound interesting along with the creepy underworld part. Let’s go down to Hades, kick some ass, and have a beer afterwards. I can definitely see Vaughn all over that.

Do you think Vaughn will be a good fit for Turf? Have you read the Turf comic?

Source: Comicbook Resources