Last week we reported that the release of Jim Carrey’s film I Love You, Phillip Morris had been postponed indefinitely by its distributors Consolidated Pictures Group. The news sparked a heated backlash online from fans and journalists (check out our choice words) who thought the decision was unfair. Our cries didn’t fall on deaf ears because according to Variety a new release date has been set and we’ll be able to see Morris in theaters after all.

Consolidated Pictures Group just announced that they’ll release I Love You Phillip Morris in limited theaters starting July 30th and expand nationwide on August 6th. Ever since the movie debuted at Cannes last year its mixed reception has been causing some serious trouble for it stateside. It’s been able to secure releases in other countries but the U.S. seems to be in a conservative bubble that won’t let up.

I Love You Phillip Morris is about a married con man (Carrey) who’s also a devout Christian and an organ player. His life is turned upside down when he lands in jail and falls in love with his cell-mate Phillip Morris as played by Ewan McGregor.

We find it interesting that the distributor decided to give Morris another shot days after they put the final nail in its coffin. In all honesty, they were probably afraid of having a homophobic stigma attached to their company. Like we stated in the previous post, how many films have we seen that highlight lesbian relationships and get nationwide releases? We could smell the hypocrisy 50 miles away.

Are you surprised that Consolidated Pictures changed their minds? Do you think they’ll stick to this date?