A lot of news broke this weekend regarding Martin Campbell’s upcoming Green Lantern adaptation. First off, we learned that the ever growing cast has gained one of the stars from the TNT drama “The Closer” and secondly we found out that in the film, Hal Jordan’s famous suit might not exist…in the real world.

According to Superherohype, Jon Tenney who stars as Agent Fritz Howard on “The Closer” will join Green Lantern as Hal Jordan’s dad. It was announced on Saturday when the actor spoke to the site and stated, “‘The Closer’s’ letting me shoot off in June a little bit, and I’m doing a little picture called Green Lantern, and that will be fun!”  He went on to discuss a little more about his role and where he’ll fit into the film’s timeline.

Ryan Reynolds is the Green Lantern, and when he is a young boy, like 11, I’m his father. I’m Hal Jordan’s dad. I’m very excited – it’s incredible company,” he said when asked who he is playing.

He also revealed that the script is being kept under lock and key and is only being released in sections but he claims that the portion he’s read is amazing.

As for Green Lantern’s suit, /Film is reporting that we won’t see Reynolds sporting it in any set photos because it’s going to be completely CGI. Does that concept weird you out? The site claims that two other independent sources back up this story and they’ve got the details to prove it.

“The suit that Ryan wears on set is a grey tracking motion/performance capture suit with led lights.” When the post production is all said and done it will look like “a manifestation of his power.” The source also makes it clear that the CGI won’t look campy or cheesy but “cool.”

We’re going to need to see this suit in action before we pass judgment. Let’s visit this topic again after the first Green Lantern trailer drops, then we can decide if this is the right move or commercial suicide.

What do you think about Jon Tenney playing Hal Jordan’s dad? Do you think the CGI suit will stay true to the comic?