Chris Rock has managed to dabble in a few remakes over the course of his career, with the most recent being Death at a Funeral, a rip-off of the British film of the same name. If he likes tackling off beat comedies that’s great but when he starts messing with Akira Kurosawa’s work we’ve got a serious problem. According to Black Voices, Rock will pen a screenplay for the upcoming remake of High and Low for Oscar winning director Mike Nichols. Let’s all let out a big, resounding what the f*ck?!

According to the site, Rock revealed in an interview that he’s working on the script for the remake of Kurosawa’s 1963 film Tengoku to jigoku, which was loosely based on the Evan Hunter novel, King’s Ransom. The story centers on a wealthy industrialist named Kingo Gondo whose family becomes the target of a cold-blooded kidnapper. Even though this project seems to be completely out of left field, David Mamet actually penned a remake years ago for Martin Scorsese but it never came to fruition.

Every adaptation Rock does always turns into an unnecessary waste of film when it hits theaters. For example, 2001′s Down to Earth was loosely based on the classic Heaven Can Wait, which in turn was a remake of Here Comes Mr. Jordan and it was horrible. Besides that he also starred in I Think I Love My Wife, (which I know I hated) an American version of the French film ‘L’Amour l’après-midi’ (Love in the Afternoon/Chloe in the Afternoon). Both films were sub-par remakes and did a huge disservice to the originals.

Can we please stop the madness? If you’re out and about and happen to see Rock walking on the street can you pass him the memo that says, “we don’t need anymore remakes,” because he clearly didn’t get it.

What do you think of Rock rewriting High and Low?