Last fall, director Wes Anderson did what most people considered the impossible. He adapted the short Roald Dahl story of Fantastic Mr. Fox and turned it into a feature length film. Instead of taking the ever popular route of using CGI, he decided to bring the characters to life with stop motion animation. He also got an A-list cast led by Oscar winners George Clooney and Meryl Streep to voice Mr. Fox and his long suffering wife. So the question is does Fantastic Mr. Fox deserves a spot in your DVD collection?

The Players:

The Plot:

Mr. Fox (Clooney) is an animal that’s wild by nature but forced into a life of domestication when his wife Felicity (Streep) announces that she’s pregnant with their first child. Fox reluctantly agrees to give up his shady ways to become a family man that she and their son can be proud of. Unfortunately after years of living on the straight and narrow he begins to get the itch for mischief and makes a plan to rob the meanest, nastiest and ugliest farmers in the valley, Boggis, Bunce, and Bean. With his careless antics in full swing everyone he loves ends up in danger causing him to finally grow up and change his foxy ways.

The Good:

  • Behind the Animation: In the DVD Extras there are two amazing behind the scenes featurettes that give us an inside look at how the film was made. You see how far Anderson and his crew went to make things happen, for example the director showed video of himself acting out certain scenes and sent them to the animators so they could match up the movements he wanted with the puppets. It’s really interesting to see how everything thing was made from the various sets to fur on Mr. Fox’s face.
  • Behind the Direction: Wes Anderson went above and beyond critical expectations with Fantastic Mr. Fox. Even though the characters are puppets, their movements and emotions appear tangible and somewhat human. The vocal performances match up perfectly with what we see on screen and that’s due to Anderson’s vision of making them as life-like as possible.
  • From the Script to Screen: The original Fantastic Mr. Fox story isn’t that long and with this DVD extra you get to hear from the writers themselves on how they adapted it for film. They approached it from a trilogy stand point, which is an interesting concept that Anderson expands on during the segment.

The Bad:

  • None: The movie was great and the behind the scenes material is amazing.


After seeing Fantastic Mr. Fox in theaters a lot us walked out thinking, “How did they do that?” This DVD answers that question in spades. You see the production crew, eat, sleep, and breathe this movie and at one point you even catch Wes Anderson doing storyboards in his robe. This DVD is definitely worth the money.

Rating: 10/10

The Fantastic Mr. Fox DVD is on sale now, and don’t forget to check out ScreenCrave’s full review of the film.


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