Disney-Pixar has released a new video clip from this summer’s Toy Story 3 and it features Barbie’s main man Ken. Michael Keaton aka Batman voices the ascot wearing doll who comes on the scene with khaki shorts, a bright smile, and overly tanned plastic skin. Take a look…

The premise of Toy Story 3 surrounds Andy’s move to college and the toys needing to find a new home. Andy’s mother wants to put Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the gang out to pasture but somehow they end up at a daycare center. The joyous event soon turns sour when they realize that toddler’s aren’t that gentle or clean. From that point on, they devise a plan to break out of the daycare by any means necessary.

In this clip the toys have just arrived at the daycare and are confused about their new home. They get some guidance from Lots-O-Huggin Bear (voiced by Ned Beatty) who instructs Ken to give the newbies a tour of the center. From there the Malibu native comes down from his luxurious mansion (that has an elevator by the way), to help out Woody and company.

Check it out…

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What do you think of Michael Keaton’s take on Ken in this movie?