This weekend TV staples Tina Fey and Steve Carell hit the big screen in the outlandish comedy Date Night. In the film, “30 Rock’s” Liz Lemon and “The Office’s” Michael Scott play a married couple who get caught up in a bad case of mistaken identity. Both actors are funny, both have a background in improv, and both star in TV shows that air back to back on the same network. Therefore the question has to be asked, when the hell are we going to get a “30 Rock”/”The Office” crossover?

Fey and Carell have been making the rounds this week promoting Date Night and even though we love hearing about the film and their experiences on set the folks over at MTV got down to the nitty gritty. They asked the pair if there’s the smallest chance in hell that we might see them appear on each other’s shows. Even though the very thought of Scott and Lemon together could open the gates of heaven, their portrayers don’t think it’s going to happen. According to Carell, “Nope. Usually those cross-pollination things are so cheesy,”

Even though the premise was shutdown pretty quickly he and Fey followed up with an epic possibility that would satisfy the fan’s desire for a crossover.

Fey stated, “What if it was a thing where we went to Paris?” Carell continued with an equally familiar crossover trope. “When there’s a snowstorm and three separate [shows] and they’re situated in different cities — they all end up at the same ski lodge, snowed in.” “See, I love that,” Fey said, before proposing the ultimate “Happy Days” homage: “What if Liz Lemon and Michael Scott go up against each other in a shark-jumping contest?”

We don’t know about you but we’d be all over that scenario. Just throw in the cast from “Community” and you’ve got yourself a locked in audience.

Would you like to see Carell and Fey appear on each other’s TV shows?