Singer turned actress Mandy Moore will be the newest patient to get ignored by the self absorbed doctors at Seattle Grace when she appears on an upcoming episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” She will guest star on the 2 hour season finale that’s scheduled to air next month and you won’t believe which medical professional she gets stuck with.

According to TVGuide, ABC has confirmed that Moore will check in as a patient under Dr. Bailey’s care. She’ll play a woman named Mary and beyond that fact the studio won’t give up squat about her storyline. We just know that she’ll be part of the big cliff-hanger event that will have tongues wagging until the show’s return in the fall.

Moore is just one of many familiar faces scheduled to pop up in the coming weeks, we previously reported that Disney darling Demi Lovato will guest star as a schizophrenic teen and now Moore will join her as…….who knows! The doctors on “Grey’s Anatomy” aren’t exactly attentive so she could be the carrier of a contact based virus and they’d still be more concerned with who’s getting who pregnant. You know how it is with pretty people and their problems.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” season finale airs on May 20th.

What do you think of Mandy Moore coming on board for an episode of Grey’s? What do you think will happen during the season finale?