The distribution history of the Jim Carrey film I Love You Phillip Morris has been rocky and sordid. Even though it has a major star as its lead (along with the amazing Ewan McGregor), Consolidated Pictures Group has decided not to release the film at the end of this month as planned.

If you haven’t heard of I Love You Phillip Morris we can’t really blame you because it hasn’t been at the forefront of a major marketing campaign. The movie is a prison-love-dramedy written by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Bad Santa) that centers on a devout Christian man with a wife, a steady job, and the perfect life (on the surface) who after a horrific turn of events lands in jail and finds his true identity. He falls in love with a cellmate who’s name is…you guessed it Phillip Morris (McGregor).

Today a spokeswoman for the film stated that the April 30th release date was no longer valid and a new date hasn’t been scheduled at this time. That pretty much means Phillip Morris has been shelved and the amazing performances of its cast will never see the light of day.

When it’s all said and done this decision was based on fear regarding the public’s reaction to the film’s sexual content. ScreenCrave’s Senior Editor Mali Elfman has a logical and direct theory on why she thinks Phillip Morris got canned.

I think the reason it’s being pushed is because the film’s about a Christian man turning off the path and finding his salvation not in Jesus but in Phillip Morris’ ass.

That’s a pretty hardcore way to put it but she’s right. The distributors probably can’t fathom the logic of someone leaving their beautiful wife for another man. It’s a sad revelation because the film did run the festival circuit and has had several international releases in countries like France, Russia, Japan, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Italy. What’s up with the good old U.S. of A.? Why can’t we get it together?

How many films have we seen that feature lesbian relationships between A-list actresses that get nationwide releases? To this day that type of pairing is seen as an acceptable fantasy but the moment two men get involved it turns into a morality issue. They’re not trying to force guys off the straight (literally) and narrow and onto the beaches of Miami to find a boy toy. They just want to tell a story and entertain, that’s it.

Do you think they should have shelved I Love You Phillip Morris? Why do you think they did it?

Source: LA Times, MTV

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