If you’re addicted to the HBO vampire series “True Blood” you’re in luck because we’ve got your next fix. The cable network just released another poster in promotion of season 3 and as usual it has irony written all over it. It falls in line perfectly with their previous “VILF” and “Cup of Joe” one sheets that debuted a couple weeks ago because it’s so damn campy. Take a look…

This poster has the slogan “Get Your Fill” and features two water coolers, one filled with actual water and the other with blood. If you’re not a frequent viewer of the show the sight might come off as a bit jarring but for us regulars it’s another day in the life. The line between humans and vampires is very thin and every poster released highlights that.

HBO has a total of 12 that they plan on using to promote this season and we’ve only seen 3, so who knows how clever the other 9 will be. At some point in this campaign it would be great to see a few character banners with Eric, Sookie, Bill, Jason and the rest of the gang. The promos for season 2 had them plastered all over the place and we loved it. Come on HBO give us some more Alexander Skarsgard, don’t skimp out.

“True Blood” premieres Sunday, June 13th at 9PM.

What do you think of True Blood’s “Get Your Fill” poster?

Source: Daemen’s TV