Those animated sh*t talkers from Comedy Central’s long running series “South Park” know a thing or two about poking fun at pop culture. In this day and age it seems like everyone’s driven by social networking and in the episode entitled, “You Have Zero Friends,” the four foul-mouthed brats took on the Facebook phenomenon and turned it on its head.

In this particular episode Cartman and Kyle have become addicted to Facebook and want Stan to join in with their virtual farming, Mafia Wars, and everything else the site has to offer but he wants no part of it. Therefore the duo takes it upon themselves to create a Facebook page for him despite his reservations and from there on he learns first hand how damaging virtual friendships can be.

What’s sad is that this representation of Facebook isn’t that far off. A lot of times people you don’t really know send you friend requests and you accept them just for the hell of it, then people you actually associate with send you one and you give them the shaft. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are putting a mirror up in front of us America, take a look. What have we become?

Plus that whole scene where Kip’s talking about his friend’s status updates was right on the money. Who cares if you just went to the dentist?! Who cares about your views on the Oscars? On Facebook they have a “Like” button underneath your status where your friends can comment on your latest revelations and I yearn for the day when they add a “Who Gives a F*ck” option.

What did you think about South Park’s Facebook episode?