It appears that the movie business ain’t what it used to be because so many talented actors are jumping to the small screen for steady work. The latest thespian to hop on the TV bandwagon is William H. Macy, who will star in the new Showtime series “Shameless,” which is a ripoff of a long running British series of the same name.

Showtime has picked up 12 episodes of the series that will center on an alcoholic father who’s the head of a working class Chicago family. Macy will play the drunk in question and Emmy Rossum will star as his eldest daughter who tries to take care of him and her 5 siblings. Allison Janney formerly of “The West Wing” will also be on board in a supporting role but no specifics have been given regarding her character.

It’s going to be difficult to take Macy seriously as a lush who rarely bathes and dresses like a woodsman but that’s the joy of being an actor. You get to take on personas that are nothing like your own and make magic happen. We’re also excited to see Rossum get more work because her last major role was in that horrible, horrible Dragonball movie and she needs to gain redemption for that. It was wrong Emmy, just WRONG!

Production on “Shameless” is scheduled to begin this summer but no official air date has been announced.

What do you think about the cast of Shameless? Are you interested in seeing the American remake?

Source: Zap2it, AP