Holy middle age women Batman, the first theatrical trailer for Sex and the City 2 has been released! After a long and drawn out two year hiatus those New York fashionistas are ready take the city by storm…again. With the return of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda comes more problems, more men, and of course more shopping because apparently they’re the only people in the country who weren’t hit by the recession.

In the sequel to the 2008 film, the women are going through some serious changes and we’re not talking about menopause. Carrie and Big are married but are losing their spark, Charlotte is being over run by her children, Miranda is overwhelmed by work, and as usual Samantha is trying to hold on to her fleeting youth. Check out the trailer…

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It’s been a while since we’ve submerged ourselves in the phenomenon that is Sex and the City but it looks like the jokes and the premise are all the same. How many times are we going to hear about Samantha’s slutty lifestyle? We get it, you no longer have a gag reflex, can we move on now? And how many random cameos do you need to make a movie work? Liza Minelli and Miley Cyrus both make appearances and Penelope Cruz shows up as a woman who catches Big’s eye.

The only positive thing about this sequel is the return of John Corbett’s character Aidan. He’s an interesting monkey wrench to throw into Carrie’s relationship that might make the movie bearable to watch. Other than that it looks like the same rehashed story we’ve seen before, a group of friends going on vacation to find themselves. Are we supposed to be impressed?

Sex and the City 2 debuts in theaters on May 27th and is directed by Michael Patrick King.

What do you think of the first trailer for Sex and the City 2?