TV land just hasn’t been the same without the presence of Maura Tierney to brighten up our primetime schedules. Over the past 15 years she consistently appeared on the small screen in shows like “NewRadio” and “ER” and finally after a short hiatus she’s back on the scene and ready to reprise her role on the hit series “Rescue Me.”

Tierney’s television return was supposed to be in the new NBC comedy “Parenthood” but she had to drop out due to health issues. The actress underwent treatment for breast cancer and during that time her role was recast with “Gilmore Girls” star, Lauren Graham. Don’t feel too bad because Tierney’s a tough cookie and after months of isolation she’s ready to play with the big boys.

According to an exclusive report from TV Guide, the actress will once again appear on an upcoming season of the FX show “Rescue Me” as Kelly McPhee. When McPhee debuted in season 5 she was put in the awkward position of being one of many women fighting for Denis Leary’s (Tommy Gavin) attention. The cast is shooting the last two seasons of the series back to back so unfortunately you won’t see Tierney onscreen until season 7, which airs in 2011.

“When Maura comes back, it’s a slightly different situation,” said Leary, also the show’s co-creator and executive producer. “She doesn’t really get involved in the way that she did the last time.”

If you’re a big fan of this show that’s a long and cruel wait you have to deal with but take comfort in knowing that something big is about to happen. Kelly could have turned into a murderer or a doped up bag lady, the possibilities are endless!

What do you think about Maura Tierney’s return to television? Are you excited to see her back?