After reportedly being offered everything from a buddy cop film to Mission Impossible 4, /Film reports that Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer is set to follow up his horror comedy success with 30 Minutes or Less. It’s another funny film that centers on “a slacker pizza delivery man facing an explosive ultimatum at the instruction of a pair of goons.” Sounds exciting, right?

Even though it would be great to see him in the lead, we’re hearing that Danny McBride, star of HBO’s “Eastbound and Down,” will appear in the movie as Dwayne, who is “not the pizza slinger and instead one of the goons who, uh, has some serious daddy issues.” The screenplay for 30 Minutes of Less was written by the “red hot duo” Michael Diliberti and Matthew Sullivan.

Not much more is known about the film—though the article does go on to hype “Eastbound and Down’s” upcoming second season ad nauseam—if Fleischer can inject a high-concept comedy vehicle with the same level of winking goofiness and giddy pop culture detritus that made Zombieland a hit odds are that 30 Minutes or Less could cement the hotshot director’s increasingly strong reputation.

Also, if I may make a suggestion to Mr. Fleischer: (Spoiler Alert) please keep placing Bill Murray in everything you do. Even if it’s only to walk onscreen and say, “Hi, I’m Bill Murray, and you’re watching 30 Minutes or Less. Thanks.”  I’m just saying, it could work.

What do you think? Are you interested in seeing 30 Minutes or Less?