TV is a dangerous place for sci-fi shows these days because they’re not pulling in stellar numbers for any of the networks. The biggies in the genre consist of “Lost,” “Fringe,” “FlashForward,” and “V” and each show has suffered some type of decline in viewership. What’s up with that? Is it bad timing or is the competition just too stiff?

“Lost” is in its sixth season and on its way out so ABC probably isn’t sweating bullets over its recent performance. They recognize that the show has a niche audience and is a pop culture phenomenon. Think of it as “FlashForward” and “V’s” older sibling who always breaks the rules but never gets in trouble. The ratings for last night’s episode entitled “Happily Ever After” brought in a season low of 9.5 million, which we find hard to believe because it centered on the character Desmond and everyone likes Desmond. Don’t they?

As for “V,” it’s been on a downward spiral ever since it returned from winter hiatus. It also hit a series low last night with 6 million viewers and it only managed to keep 66 percent of its lead in from “Lost.” That’s not an amazing feat considering its predecessor’s record low numbers.

What can we really say about “FlashForward”? I’m pretty sure the writers and producers have absolutely no idea what their doing. When the show first started it had a good premise, a good cast, and a bright future but now it needs to end. The story is all over the place and Joseph Fiennes acting is beginning to mirror David Caruso’s from “CSI: Miami” and that is a serious problem.

The news on “Fringe” is somewhat confusing because its been picked up by Fox for a third season yet it debuted with 5.8 million viewers, down 33 percent from when it aired on Tuesdays last season. It’s a good show but the scheduling for it is crap. There are too many strong programs available on Thursday nights, especially in its time slot (9 PM). They need to do something about that if they want it to survive.

Out of these four “FlashForward” and “V” are the ones who should be worried because everyone else’s fate is sealed.

Do you watch any of these shows? Are you surprised by the decline?

Source: EW, TV Guide