Last weekend Irish actor Liam Neeson did something we’ve all been waiting for, he released the Kraken! He co-starred in the remake of the 1981 hit Clash of the Titans as Zeus King of the Gods and uttered those infamous words that set the screen ablaze. Not only does the Kraken dominate the final act of the film but it’s crossed over onto the internet where everyone has put their spin on what or who they think the creature represents.

Over at Mediaite, they’ve put together some of the funniest Kraken parodies that have surfaced on the net. They’re photo mash ups that feature Zeus sending out the order paired with the beast he’s unleashed on us. In some cases it’s a person, and in others its an animal. For example, in one photo there’s a cat that refuses to let go of a cracker, so in that case Zeus commands him to release the “cracker.”

Only someone of Liam Neeson’s stature could make a line so corny, so relevant. I have to admit some of the appeal of seeing Clash of the Titans came from knowing that at any moment he would say that line and all hell would break loose.

What do you think of the Release the Kraken photos? Which is your favorite?