The first trailer has been released for the upcoming film Dinner For Schmucks, which is directed by Jay Roach who helmed Meet the Parents and the Austin Powers series. In his latest feature 40 Year Old Virgin co-stars Steve Carell and Paul Rudd reunite in the American remake of a European comedy. Watch the trailer to see if the overseas humor translates…

Dinner for Schmucks is a U.S. adaptation of the 1998 French film Le diner de cons (The Dinner Game), which was written and directed by Francis Veber. Schmucks co-stars Rudd, Carell, Bruce Greenwood, Ron Livingston, Jemaine Clement, and Zach Galifianakis. The story centers on a wealthy man and his friends who have a weekly competition where they attend a dinner party and bring the dumbest person they kind find as their guest.

Check out the trailer for yourself…

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Unfortunately, after watching this trailer once I’m not interested in watching it again. The movie has an amazing cast of talent but does absolutely nothing with them. Carell seems to be playing a slightly more outlandish version of his character from the 40 Year Old Virgin, and Rudd comes across as completely bland. Since this is only the first trailer I’m willing to give it another shot but they’ve got to do better than this.

Dinner for Schmucks debuts in theaters this summer on July 23rd.

Does Dinner for Schmucks look funny to you?