Last month it was announced that director Robert Zemeckis‘ Northern California based studio ImageMovers was closing its doors at the request of its parent company Disney. That would have been a deathblow for some but Zemeckis is still working and still collaborating with the House of Mouse to bring his next project to life.

After the initial closure of the digital studio, Disney remained optimistic about doing more work with Zemeckis and according to Variety, what’s left of ImageMovers has partnered with them once again to produce a new film entitled Dark Life. The movie will be based on the book of the same name by Kat Falls and more than likely feature motion capture effects.

The story will center on an underwater teenage boy and a surface girl who join forces to uncover a government conspiracy. It’s set in the near future where the water levels have risen extremely high due to global warming and some children have developed supernatural powers.

The story sounds interesting because it tackles an environmental issue that’s relevant and can resonate with a lot of people. I’m just concerned with how he’s going to pull this off. Will he attempt to use practical effects or will it all be green screen motion capture? I’d like a balance between the live action and the special effects but does Zemeckis even remember how to do that?

What do you think of Zemeckis taking on Dark Life? Have you read the book?