CBS has every network beat when it comes to making successful spin-offs of their current shows. Their latest addition will leach off “Criminal Minds and star Oscar winner Forest Whitaker as the leader of a new group of profilers. The actor will make his first appearance onscreen this week, which will lead to the introduction of his character, his team, and eventually his new series.

Whitaker along with Beau Garrett, Matt Ryan and Michael Kelly will appear on Wednesday’s (April 7th) episode of “Criminal Minds” that will have the BAU team traveling to San Francisco to track a killer. There they meet Whitaker’s character Sam Cooper, who thinks the separate cases they’re working may be connected. Isn’t that how it always starts? It’s that infamous “connection” that will spawn a new series that eventually moves on to become another ratings giant.

The premise of the new “Criminal Minds” will be the same as its predecessor just in a new location and with a new cast. It shouldn’t be hard for audiences at home to warm up to the idea of Whitaker being on their screens every week, the actor had a previous stint on the FX series “The Shield” and several guest spots on NBC’s “ER“.

Here’s what you can look forward to with this week’s episode…

What do you think of Forest Whitaker joining Criminal Minds? Do you think his show will be a hit?

Source: Zap2it