Anton Yelchin won’t be satisfied until he’s starred in every cult favorite and commercially successful series ever created. The young actor already has Star Trek and Terminator Salvation under his belt and now he’s ready to tackle a property in the horror genre. Yelchin is currently in talks to star as the lead in the remake of the 1985 vampire flick, Fright Night.

The new Fright Night will stick to the original premise of a teenager who’s convinced that his neighbor is a vampire even though no one believes him. The lead character’s name of Charley Brewster will also remain the same and Yelchin will add his own dimension to the role similar to what he did with Kyle Reese in Terminator and Chekov in Star Trek.

Fright Night is a DreamWorks production and is being set up in the same vein as the 2007 hit Disturbia, which ended up being a break out film for Shia Labeouf. The remake will be directed by Craig Gillespie who helmed the indie drama Lars and the Real Girl, with a screenplay written by Marti Noxon who’s one of the creative powers behind the acclaimed AMC TV series “Mad Men.”

When it was first announced that this movie was being remade I wasn’t interested. Not just because it was a remake but because it was a remake of a vampire film and apparently those are all the rage right now. Yelchin is a talented young actor and this could be his big headlining moment, but for me the major selling point is the script. With the talent behind “Mad Men” taking on the story you can’t help but have a glimmer of hope that something good might come out of this.

What do you think of Anton Yelchin playing the lead in Fright Night?

Source: HeatVision