Avatar and Star Trek are two high profile films that debuted to plenty of fanfare in 2009. They made a boatload of money and now have highly anticipated sequels set for release in the near future. Besides commercial and critical success another thing both films share is actress Zoe Saldana. She played Lt. Uhura in Star Trek and Neyteri in Avatar, and when asked which sequel she thinks will come first she admitted that Star Trek’s in the lead.

Saldana was out promoting her latest film, The Losers this weekend at WonderCon when she was asked about her next big project. Her main priority is to reprise her roles in both Star Trek and Avatar before embarking on any new material. Here’s what she had to say when asked which movie we’re likely to see first:

“I think ‘Star Trek,’” she replied. “Because that one’s already going into pre-production soon….” She paused. “From what I hear,” she corrected, playfully drawing out each word. “Unless J.J., who’s always full of surprises….”

I’m not surprised by this response at all because James Cameron likes to take his time with his material. We all know how long it took him to direct the first Avatar, and a film of that stature doesn’t need to be rushed. Even if fans are dying for more Pandora action I’d rather wait and see something good than not and be highly disappointed. As for Star Trek, it’s nice to hear that the film is nearing some kind of production. There have been a lot of possible storylines floating around and I’m interested in seeing which one JJ Abrams chooses.

Which movie do you want to see first, Avatar 2 or Star Trek 2?

Source: MTV