San Diego is where geeks and movie buffs of the world have been gathering for decades to attend a multi-day affair called Comic-Con. What started off as a basic comic book showcase now includes other forms of entertainment such as video games and web-based comics. Since the convention had to evolve and include the latest pop culture elements, it’s only right that the venue expands as well.

It’s no secret that Comic-Con is always over crowded and for the most part uncomfortable, but according to /Film, a $753 million expansion of the San Diego Convention Center is on the horizon. This new space would provide an additional 200,000 square feet for exhibitors, a third ballroom, 100,000 square feet for meeting rooms, and a new 500 room hotel directly behind the convention center.

This sounds like a great plan but all the changes won’t happen over night, they estimate 2015 as a realistic date for the newer, larger center to be open for business. According to officials, this is a project that will take anywhere from 18 – 24 months to complete. But for the raised comfort level during those few special days in San Diego it will be well worth the wait.

Have you been to Comic-Con? What do you think of the expansion idea? Do you think it would be better to move to a different location such as Anaheim or Las Vegas?