HBO’s promotion of “True Blood” continues full speed ahead with this latest scoop, which includes a photo of one of the show’s newest cast members. During season 3 we’ll get to see Alcide, a tall dark and handsome man who’ll aide Sookie on her quest to find the missing Bill. Oh, and in case I forgot to mention, he’s a werewolf.

At the end of the second season Bill (Stephen Moyer) went missing after he proposed to Sookie. From the looks of the scene that he left behind he didn’t leave willingly, so his lady love decides to go on the hunt for her would-be fiance. She runs into Alcide, played by Joe Manganiello, who you might recognize as the bartender from “One Tree Hill.” The energy between these two is said to be electric and Sookie might once again have another love interest on her hands.

“There is definitely some [sexual] energy between the two of them,” says executive producer Alan Ball. It’s not like either one of them is looking for romance, but they’re thrown into several intense situations [and] it’s hard not to bond on a deeper level.”

Since Alcide’s a werewolf on an HBO show, he’ll be showing all the things you couldn’t see in New Moon. When he transforms he gets completely naked and according to Ball, it’s quite the sight to see.

“The first shirtless scene [Joe] had I was like, “Who has those abs?” Ball recalls. “He’s in crazy peak physical condition. He’s eating nothing but pure protein. And of course, this being True Blood, he’s already shot his first naked scene. Hello, werewolves when they shift — no clothes!”

Seriously, how many attractive supernatural mutations will Sookie have at her disposal? Bill, Eric, and now Alcide? What a lucky lady! “True Blood” season 3 premieres on June 13th on HBO.

What do you think of the first photo of Alcide?

Source: EW