If we have to endure another remake of the horror/sci-fi classic The Thing at least we get to watch someone talented like Joel Edgerton bring it to life. The native Australian actor plays the lead in the upcoming movie that will have him tackling the mysterious creature from another world.

In an interview with Collider, Edgerton was asked about the new version of The Thing in comparison to John Carpenter‘s. To be fair, Carpenter’s film wasn’t the original but a remake of 1951′s The Thing From Another World that was directed by Howard Hawks and based on the 1938 pulp story entitled “Who Goes There?” Edgerton spoke about the specific events the prequel will cover in correlation to the earlier movies.

Whoever’s familiar with the film knows that very early on in the original the two Norwegian guys seem to have become crazy. One is blown up in a helicopter and the other one gets shot by the Americans and in order to find out why they went crazy, Kurt Russell goes in a helicopter to see and question the Norwegian base and when he gets there it’s been decimated and they find the carcass of this “Thing.” And this story tells what happened to the Norwegian base.

A lot of bloodshed probably occurred at that Norwegian base, which makes me think that this film will be littered with gore. The actor was asked about whether or not the movie would receive an R-rating and he replied that he couldn’t answer that question just yet. In order to satisfy today’s audiences, horror directors have been really amping it up in that department so it wouldn’t surprise me if they stepped it up a notch just to compete.

The Thing is currently in production and co-stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead and is directed by Matthijs Van Heijningen.

Do you think The Thing will be extremely violent? Are you interested in seeing the prequel story?