Last week Paramount released six photos from next month’s Iron Man 2 (can you believe it’s almost here?) that featured Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, his alter ego Tony Stark, and Mickey Rourke as the villain Whiplash. Today, the studio has unveiled four more images from the movie that include co-stars Don Cheadle and Sam Rockwell.

Over the past few weeks a lot of promo material has come out of the Iron Man camp, we got a new trailer, an international and domestic poster, and now a fresh batch of production stills. In this latest group I was pleasantly surprised to find a photo with Sam Rockwell as the “other bad guy” Justin Hammer. He doesn’t appear on any of the posters for the film, so it’s good to see him get his time to shine.

Several of these images look like they were taken directly from the trailer, and only one appears to be new. Coincidentally I’m talking about the photo with Hammer that features the arms dealer standing in front of some Iron Man-esque prototypes that look like the same creations Iron Man and War Machine get ambushed by in the trailer.

Check out the photos and tell us what you see…

Iron Man 2 debuts in theaters on May 7th.

What do you think of the latest photos for Iron Man 2? Do you think they reveal anything?

Source: Cinemablend