Samuel Goldwyn has a new thriller coming out, Harry Brown, starring Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, Jack O’Connell and Liam Cunningham, and it is going to be intense. It centers around a character named Harry Brown, who is played by Caine.  Brown is a law-abiding citizen who lives alone. His only companion is his best friend Leonard who is killed by some pain in the ass kids. Brown reaches his breaking point and decides that he’s going to take matters into his own hands… after all, what damage can he possibly do?

The film which will hit theaters on April 30th is set in modern day Britain. It features a powerful performance from Caine, he Academy Award winning actor but that’s hardly a surprise. He has been in the game long enough to know when a good film comes his way.

We have four different clips just for our ScreenCrave readers to enjoy:

Clip #1 – Military Bayonet

Detective Frampton (Mortimer) confronts a heated Harry Brown (Caine) regarding the murder details of his best friend.

Clip #2 – You Failed to Maintain Your Weapon Son

Harry Brown exchanges last words with a drug and gun dealer after a violent shootout in a marijuana den.

Clip #3 – Torture

Fueled by vengeance, Harry tortuously pries answers about his friend’s death from one of the suspected teenage gangsters.

Clip #4 – Frampton Explains

Detective Frampton expresses her idea to the chief of police that Harry Brown may very well be the perpetrator, not the witness, to the erupting violence against the wrongdoing local teenage gangsters.

What do you think of the clips, do they make you want to go see the movie when it comes out?