This holiday weekend, Warner Brothers made an epic impression at the box office with their remake Clash of the Titans. The Louis Leterrier directed film fought off several new releases that included Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too? and the Miley Cyrus romance drama, The Last Song to become the number one film in America.

According to CNN, Clash of the Titans earned an estimated $61.4 million over the three-day weekend and when you include the amount earned from its Thursday night screenings it brings that number up to $64 million total. That’s the biggest opening during this holiday weekend since the release of Scary Movie 4, which made $40.2 million back in 2006.

The movie may have opened strong but due to its horrible 3D no one was impressed and experts are expecting its numbers to wain in the coming weeks. Also, due to the fact that the 3D screens are constantly being bombarded with new material its unlikely that it will be able to fight off the competition. We still have How to Train Your Dragon and Alice in Wonderland taking up space in conjunction with Clash. How long will any of them last with all this congestion?

What did you think of Clash of the Titans? Are you surprised it set a record?