Yesterday was Easter Sunday, and a lot of our favorite shows were in reruns but not “Undercover Boss.” The CBS freshman series has become an overnight sensation with viewers and it was the highest rated program last night. Could it be because the competition wasn’t that stiff or maybe the episode pulled on our heartstrings a lot harder than we’d like to admit?

According to Zap2it, CBS easily won the ratings war last night by averaging 10.1 million viewers and a 6.1 rating/11 share for the evening. They started off with “60 minutes” which brought in 8.1 million viewers, followed by “The Amazing Race” with 9.1 million viewers, “Undercover Boss” with an impressive 12.9 million, and “Cold Case” closed out the night with a steady 10.1 million that didn’t stray that much from its lead in.

For the majority of the night, CBS was in the lead with ABC in second place. The only time there was a major change was during the 10 o’clock block when NBC moved up to the number two spot with “The Celebrity Apprentice” (7.9 million) which heavily overshadowed ABC’s “Brothers and Sisters‘” rerun (3.7 million).

It will be interesting to see how these numbers change once all the programs return with new episodes. I’ll admit that “Undercover Boss” is interesting to watch. The dynamic between the CEOs and the entry-level workers make for great TV, but sometimes the set up comes across as too contrived. Last night’s episode was a prime example of that. It was more of a therapy session than an episode of a TV show.

Did you watch Undercover Boss last night? What do you think of the episode?