Ever since Marvel Studios decided to take fans on a journey that ultimately leads to The Avengers movie, we’ve been wondering if Warner Bros would do the same. Granted, we’ve heard rumors floating around about a Justice League film long before The Avengers, but now that it’s out there people want definite answers. While speaking at a panel during this year’s WonderCon Geoff Johns gave a vague yet hopeful update regarding a possible JLA movie.

Johns is the Chief Creative Officer for DC Entertainment, and before then he had a decent run as a DC Comics writer. He participated in a panel called, “Spotlight on Geoff Johns” where he spoke about some of Warner Bros upcoming comic adaptations including Green Lantern, The Flash, and of course The Justice League. As of late, it seems like the comic film genre belongs to Marvel, but Johns stated that we’ll see “a lot more DC movies” in the future.

When it came to speaking about The Flash he said it was still in development and as for Wonder Woman, he said everyone at DC wants to see it get made. The real and slightly less vague news came when he spoke about The Justice League adaptation. When asked about the possibility of the comic becoming a live action feature he nervously stated, “I can’t talk about it. We’ll talk in San Diego.”

He’s referring to San Diego Comic-Con, which means we’ll have a decent panel waiting for us when we go there in July. He also went on to give this piece of info regarding what we can look forward to in the coming years.

“We’re trying to bring everything together, but everything comes from the comics. You’ll see in the coming months how it’s going to be better integrated, I’m really excited about it, but it’s so early, I can’t get into details yet.”

It sounds like somebody’s planning to make a big announcement in a few months. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did make a JLA movie, it would be a natural progression. My only concern is the casting. With the exception of Ryan Reynolds who’s playing the Green Lantern, we need a Superman, Wonder Woman, a Flash, and of course Batman but I don’t think Christian Bale will want any part of this. If he won’t do a movie with Robin as his sidekick, I doubt he’ll be down to star opposite 6 or 7 other heroes (give or take).

I guess we’ll have to wait until July!

What do you think about a possible JLA movie? Who should they cast as the main characters?

Source: ComingSoon