It’s no secret that Scarlett Johansson wasn’t the first choice to play Black Widow in next month’s Iron Man 2. That role was slated to go to Emily Blunt, but the British actress was forced out due to a contractual obligation to another film (Fox’s Gulliver’s Travels). A year later, we’ve found out that she was offered the female lead in another Marvel adaptation, Captain America, yet this time she turned it down…willingly.

According to Hero Complex, Blunt was offered the role of Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers’ love interest in Captain America but turned it down because of other deals on the table. One of the reason’s why the studio wanted her on board was because she would bring a certain level of prestige to the film. It’s a trend that a lot of major comic movies have embraced, look at what Christopher Nolan did with the cast of Batman, Jon Favreau with Iron Man, and both Thor and Green Lantern have Oscar winners involved.

Blunt could have been the first in a slew of talented supporting actors used to prop up Chris Evans performance. Not to say that he’s a terrible actor, I’ve seen him do some decent work but he’ll need a strong cast to pull off this movie. There are two more actresses left in the running for the part, Keira Knightley and Alice Eve. Between them, I don’t really have a preference but either way Marvel has their eye on someone from overseas as opposed to a local Hollywood based starlet.

Who do you think should play Peggy Carter in Captain America?