After a long wait, Clash of the Titans is finally playing in theaters on both 3D and 2D screens. Last night the film debuted with an impressive box office performance when it appeared in over 3,000 theaters for evening and midnight showings.

Clash of the Titans debuted with 4.2. million dollars, but it was still bested by the family friendly How to Train Your Dragon which took the evening’s top spot with a little over 5 million. Clash came in second alongside Miley Cyrus‘ debut feature, The Last Song which also raked in 4.2 million on its second day of release. It sounds sad on the surface, sharing a spot with a teen flick and being boxed out by an animated dragon, but in the end the Titans are expected to rule the weekend.

This might be a classic case of losing a battle but winning the war. A lot of the screenings that took place yesterday were only in 2D, because the majority of 3D screens won’t be available until Friday. With the addition of those, and the higher ticket prices we can expect a drastic increase in the box office earnings.

Analysts are projecting that the film will earn between 55-70 million dollars, leaving a nice sized window of 15 million to keep expectations under control. The 3D reviews for the movie have been pretty weak, and it sounds like that’s what they’re falling back on to rake in the money. I’ve seen the movie and I’m telling you it looks perfectly fine in 2D, the extra dimension, as expected, is unnecessary.

How much do you think Clash of the Titans will make this weekend?

Source: Deadline, THR