If you’re like the me, you’re anxiously awaiting the series finale of ABC’s “Lost,” because quite frankly I’m tired of being in the dark. The final episode will air on Sunday, May 23rd and we’ve just learned that it will followed by a post show hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. Over at EW, they’ve unearthed some details about what we can expect and who will appear on the series finale wrap-up.

The Jimmy Kimmel special will include an appearance by “Lost” executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, which I find ironic because I remember hearing them say that when the show ended they would hide from the world so they wouldn’t be bombarded by fan’s questions. Obviously they don’t feel that way anymore, because this platform is sure to be filled with them.

We’re also expected to see live interviews with members of the cast, whose identities will be revealed at a later date (damn you ABC!). The official title for the special is entitled, “Aloha to Lost,” which is corny but still fitting and it will air at 11:35 pm after your local news.

Something has to be up with this. I feel like everything won’t get wrapped up in a nice little bow during the finale and they’re doing this special to make up for it. This is the world of “Lost,” and anything goes.

Will you watch the Lost post-show? Do you think the show will have a definite ending?