If you were rocked by the casting of Chris Evans as Captain America, hold on to your butt because there’s more where that came from. Multiple sources are reporting that Australian actor Hugh Jackman will bring his feral X-Men character Wolverine to The Avengers universe when the film drops in 2012!

If you’re familiar with the actual Avengers comic, you know that there are plenty of characters from other Marvel series that make appearances in the books. Many of them came from the X-Men world including Wolverine, Beast, and the Scarlet Witch. According to IMDB Wolverine 2 is set for release in 2011,which means his involvement with The Avengers is fair game. Jackman has been busy with the development of the film that will take place in Japan and have a screenplay written by Christopher McQuarrie.

The big question is how will they fit Wolverine into the Avengers‘ story? And most importantly, if Evans wasn’t already intimidated by the thought of Robert Downey Jr. nipping at his heels, how is he going to deal with a 6 foot 2 actor, who’s been playing the same character for 10 years?!

If they’re really going The Avengers route they might as well throw Spider-Man in there too because he joined the team at some point as well.

What do you think about the new Avengers line up?

April Fools!!!!!!April Fools!!!!!!April Fools!!!!!! How awesome would it be if that did happen though?