The creative team behind the marijuana laced series Harold & Kumar have landed another gig. No, we’re not talking about the upcoming holiday sequel A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, we’re referring to the reboot of American Pie. The late nineties franchise that jump-started a slew of theatrical and straight to DVD films is getting a makeover, and Universal has found just the guys to do it.

According to RiskyBusiness, Harold & Kumar creators Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg have been hired to take on American Pie 4. The next theatrical release in the teen sex comedy series. Their decision to helm the movie leaves the gate open for newcomer Todd Strauss Schulson to direct A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas. While giving a break to the new guy, signing on for this film will bring a whole set of new challenges.

Both Hurwitz and Schlossberg are currently writing the screenplay for Pie, which is set to reunite the entire cast of the original (why?). At the moment no deals have been made but there’s a “strong interest” coming from one of the former cast members that’s upped the ante on the project. I wonder who it is? Jason Biggs or maybe Tara Reid, she’s not doing much these days.

What in the world could we find interesting about the original characters at this point? Granted with the exception of Seann William Scott (and that’s stretching it) the actors aren’t really up to anything, but I don’t want to see them over a decade after the original. Is the story going to follow a bunch of 30-somethings still playing around with pie? No Thanks.

What do you think about the Harold & Kumar team taking on American Pie 4? Do you want to see another Pie movie with the original cast?