How many big screen incarnations can we expect to see of the fabled Three Musketeers? Summit Entertainment already has a 3D adaptation in the works with Resident Evil director, Paul WS Anderson and now we’re hearing that Doug Liman may also direct a film? According to Heatvision, Liman is in talks with Warner Bros to helm their take on famous troupe of swordsmen.

Apparently, Warner Bros is in a race to get their film together because Summit’s version is already in the casting stages. Liman is just one of the few directors on a shortlist to take on their adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas novel, alongside David Frankel, the director of The Devil Wears Prada. And even though I LOVED that movie, what can he bring to The Three Musketeers?

Like Anderson’s take, The WB’s version will also more than likely be in 3D, which means we’ll have two movies covering the same story, that are possibly released in the same year, and they’ll be in the same format. What’s the point of this? It’s almost as bad as the Capote vs Infamous debacle that happened a few years back.

I can’t explain how much I currently loathe 3D, and yet Hollywood continues to think it’s the remedy to all of its problems. Don’t get me wrong, Liman is a decent director but he can do so much better than a rehash of a remake.

What do you think about Liman’s possible involvement with The Three Musketeers? Do you think he should direct?