Another major film star is set to appear on an upcoming episode of NBC‘s hit comedy, “30 Rock.” This time they’ve managed to get the award winning Matt Damon to do not just one but hopefully multiple guest spots on the show. Who will he play you ask? Let’s just say he’ll be someone’s potential love interest…

Sources confirmed to EW that Damon will finally appear on “30 Rock” after months of speculation. Tina Fey had shown interest in the actor and said he was at the top of her guest list, and Damon caught wind of it and said he’d love to do it.

“I would do [30 Rock] in a heartbeat if they asked me to come on,” enthused the genuinely shocked thesp. “Tina is a brilliant comedy writer. My wife and I download that show in bulk. That’s actually one of the downsides to working so much this year; I have fallen behind on this season. But we love that show, so if she has a part for me, I’m game.” Ball’s in your court, Fey!

That was back in December, and now at the end of March we know it’s going down! The specifics regarding his appearance are being kept under lock and key, but sources over at E! are saying he’ll be a love interest for Fey’s character, Liz Lemon!

How many good looking men can this so-called “mediocre” looking character get? Even though everyone likes to play down the actresses appearance, she’s a gorgeous lady and on the show they make it seem as if Jon Hamm or in this case Matt Damon wanting her would be hilarious as opposed to a possibility.

On another note, “NBC is hoping to get Matt on for multiple episodes. However, Matt is shooting another project this spring, so it all depends on Matt’s schedule and whether 30 Rock can be squeezed in.” Hopefully it works out because something tells me these two will be pure comedy together.

What do you think about Matt Damon appearing on 30 Rock? What do you think about his potential relationship with Liz?