Leonardo DiCaprio has his eye on Clint Eastwood’s developing J. Edgar Hoover film entitled, Hoover. It was announced early this month that the Oscar winning director would take on the story of the real life FBI head. DiCaprio has already worked with the likes of Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, and of course Martin Scorsese so maybe it’s time for him to spend some time with good old Clint.

The story for the movie is set to cover Hoover’s reign as the head of the FBI from its creation in 1935 to his death in 1972. Hoover is responsible for making the FBI the strong power structure it is today, but the road from its humble beginnings is paved with questionable activities. His public persona was just as interesting as his corrupt dealings behind the scenes.

According to EW, DiCaprio confirmed that he has met with Eastwood regarding the title role in the film. Nothing formal took place but he’s definitely interested in working with the director. The screenplay for the film was written by Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black (Milk), and it will be produced by Brian Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment.

“It sounds interesting to say the least,” says DiCaprio. “There’s no contract, no anything, but I’m a huge fan of Clint’s.”

It sounds like we may have found a match made in cinematic heaven. DiCaprio wasn’t the first actor that came to mind when I heard about this film, but now that it’s out there, I like it. Plus, it would be interesting to see the creative process between him and Eastwood. They’re both serious about their craft but Eastwood’s more of a laid back director, the exact opposite of what DiCaprio’s used to.

Do you think DiCaprio could play J Edgar Hoover? Do you think he could work well with Eastwood?