The upcoming release of the 3D remake of Clash of the Titans has driven more than just teenage fanboys and adenoidal frat boys into paroxysms of joy – it’s also set the original Titans star, Harry Hamlin, down memory lane (warning: shattered eighties icon post ahead!).

The former “LA Law:” star recently reminisced about the film to the Miami Herald, dropping this profound nugget:

“I don’t think you can make a comparison between the two movies… the new one uses CGI effects and the other one used stop-motion animation.”

The actor also fondly remembered Ray Harryhaussen, whose classic stop-motion effects defined the look of the original film.

“I had seen all of his movies and was a big fan… It was really interesting to work on one of his films because there were a lot of times when you were alone against the green screen background. They would tell you what the scene was; what you were fighting and then you had to use your imagination… You know, films come and go but this one has had a special following. It’s been 30 years and people still ask me about it.”

Hamlin then proceeded to make monster and battle sounds over the phone for the next ten minutes, before breaking down in tears and asking the interviewer if he’d like to come over, watch the original Titans and have a sleepover party.

Do you plan on catching the Clash of the Titans remake?