Director David Fincher has finally decided what his next feature project will be after wrapping his Facebook movie, The Social Network. For months his schedule has been riddled with possibilities including the Tobey Maguire produced flick, Pawn Sacrifice, which will center on the rocky life of chess champ Bobby Fischer. But according to The Playlist he will tackle The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

The news that we heard regarding Fincher’s involvement with Pawn Sacrifice wasn’t completely incorrect. The director did meet with the film’s producers to “help them out,”  but with nothing major like directing. Instead, it’s been confirmed that Fincher will adapt an English language version of the popular Swedish trilogy The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The script will be written by Steve Zaillian and the film will be produced by Scott Rudin for Sony.

As for the movie’s casting, Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan has popped up as a possibility to play the pivotal role of Lisbeth Salander. But beyond her name being thrown in the ring, no major casting decisions have been made. The rumor might not even turn into anything because Fincher supposedly wants an unknown to star in the role, which could actually work in his favor if the film gains as much success in the States as has in its native country. That means less pay will have to go to the actor and more can go into the movie.

What do you think of Fincher taking on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? Do you think he can do the movie justice?