Late last year when Roland Emmerich began doing press for his disaster film, 2012, the director spoke about possibly returning to one of his greatest career achievements, Independence Day. The 1996 action flick that featured an ensemble cast and made Will Smith Mr. Fourth of July could be up for a sequel or two and we’re hearing that the actor might be down to shoot them.

It’s been 14 years since we’ve heard Smith utter those fateful words, “Welcome to earth,” and now a report from IESB claims that there’s more where that came from. Apparently an ID4 sequel has been in the works for years but Smith’s huge salary has always been an issue. Now there’s speculation that 20th Century Fox is ready to cough up the dough to get this show on the road (I wonder if that surplus of Avatar money has anything to do with this?).

Smith is said to be down for not one but two sequels that could be shot back to back Pirates of the Caribbean and Matrix style. They’re not sure when the films will be released in relation to one another but their production could begin as early as next year (2011).

Even though this is heavy speculation, I wouldn’t be surprised if Smith said “What the hell, lets do it!” He hasn’t been rolling in the blockbusters as of late, instead he’s been working behind the scenes on several films including his son’s upcoming star vehicle The Karate Kid. At this point, nothing surprises me when it comes to Hollywood. After they choked the life out of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and the Terminator series, nothing is sacred anymore. Bring on the aliens!

Do you want to see an Independence Day sequel? Do you think Smith should return?