A new trailer has been released for the upcoming action comedy Knight and Day. The film reunites Vanilla Sky co-stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in a slightly less serious, but still dangerous scenario as bullet crossed lovers. The film is directed by James Mangold and also features Peter Sarsgaard, Paul Dano, Marc Blucas, and Maggie Grace. Check out the latest trailer…

The film centers on a lonely woman whose harmless meeting with a man turns her life upside-down when a super spy takes her on a violent worldwide journey. The story might sound far-fetched, but people will come up with anything to see these two together again, and the trailer proves it. Plus, there’s a slap-stick element that they try to throw in there, which has become a go-to staple for Diaz.

In this trailer, we get a bit of background as to why Cruise’s character has gone rogue. Apparently, he suffered a break with reality killing everyone in sight but somehow Diaz has been spared from his wrath due to the fact that he “likes” her. Isn’t that convenient? Either way, this crazy super spy seems like a parody of Ethan Hunt, Cruise’s Mission Impossible character.

Knight and Day is scheduled to hit theaters this summer or June 25th.

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What do you think of the new trailer for Knight and Day? Is the chemistry between Cruise and Diaz still there?