For those of us who follow the ABC series, “Lost,” this May will mark the end of an era of confusion. The show will air its final episode after six seasons, and it will hopefully give fans some closure. The mystery of the series is like an itch you can’t scratch and ABC is counting on that irritant to help drive their ad revenue through the roof. According to a resent report the network is charging the big bucks for companies to run ads during “Lost’s” finale.

Over at AdAge, they’ve discovered that ABC is looking to charge between $850,000 and $950,000 for a 30 second spot during the series finale of “Lost.” Last year during the season’s upfronts ABC was charging $213,563 for a spot during a regular episode, but their looking to add a 400% markup for those who didn’t reserve their time in the show last year.

“Lost” is averaging about 12 million viewers each week, which is nowhere near the 20 million plus it attracted at its peak. You must also remember that the show’s finale is expected to draw a huge crowd but nothing along the lines of “M.A.S.H.” or “Seinfeld.” The finale of “Seinfeld” drew 76 million people and the network charged up to 1.8 million dollars for ad time. In comparison to that, $900,000 doesn’t seem that bad.

I’m not sure if the finale of “Lost” will break ratings records, but I do think it will do better than expected. Granted, the show is hard to follow and over the course of its run people have dropped off because of the confusing plot but it’s still a phenomenon. I think old viewers, and some people who’ve never even seen the show will watch just to find out the truth. People want to see if the creators are going to give it a definitive end or pull a “St. Elsewhere” where we discover that the whole show was nothing but the imaginings of a young child (please don’t let that be the case).

The finale episode of “Lost” will air during a 3 hour block on Sunday, May 23rd starting at 8 p.m.

Will you watch the Lost finale? How many viewers do you think it will pull in? Do you think the ad money will be well spent?