Sir Ian Mckellen is more than Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, he’s a veteran stage and film actor who’s been in the business longer than most of us have been alive. The British thespian got his just desserts recently when he attended the annual Empire Awards in London this past weekend. He was honored with the special “Film Icon” award and with his background it was well deserved.

McKellen is 70 years old and has managed to play some of the most malicious, badass characters that have ever graced the screen. Therefore when Empire decided to honor him, as a fan of his work, I saw it as fitting. He’s a two time Academy Award nominee (in the supporting and lead category) and he’s managed to play a major part in two high grossing film franchises.

Even though his onscreen work began in the early sixties and he’s covered everything Shakespearean that you could throw at him, he’s well aware that his younger supporters know him as Magneto and Gandalf. Here’s a little bit of what he said when he accepted his statue,

“It means people have enjoyed the films I’ve made, or some of them. I suspect particularly Lord of the Rings and the X-Men movies, in which I play iconic characters. “I couldn’t be more surprised or delighted. Middle-earth rejoices!”

McKellen does have a career that many actors would kill for. His longevity and his success are only parelleled by his positive outlook. He always comes across as humble and friendly to his fans as you can tell from his acceptance speech. That my friends is the secret to success no matter what field your in.

What do you think of McKellen receiving the Empire Icon award? Do you think he deserved it?

Source: AFP, Yorkshire Post