/Film is reporting that Curtis Hanson, director of L.A. Confidential, Wonder Boys and 8 Mile, is slated to direct a biopic based on deceased surfer Jay Moriarty. Sean Penn, actor and burgeoning arch-nemesis of María Conchita Alonso, is rumored to be featured in a supporting role as “Frosty,” Moriarty’s mentor.

Details on the film are few and far between, with not much else being known about it beyond Hanson’s role as director and the possible appearance of Penn. Yet, if it’s half as good as L.A. Confidential it’ll be worth catching…even though the lack of a Patrick Swayze-styled bank robber/ surfer svengali a la Point Break does leave something to be desired. Can’t win ‘em all, I guess.

Check out Moriarty’s obituary below:

Born in Georgia in 1978, the son of a skydiving Green Beret, he learned to surf at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz, in northern California, at the age of nine. Moriarity achieved unintentional fame when, in the winter of 1994, as an unknown 16-year-old barely apprenticed into big-wave surfing, he paddled into a smoking 20-footer at Maverick’s (some say 30ft), took off, hovered, and was pinned back to the face of the wave by an updraft, his arms outstretched, in a moment of crucifixion, before being flung down into the pit.

A photo of that spectacular wipeout with its impression of martyrdom made the cover of Surfer magazine, appeared on posters worldwide, and turned the teenager into a surfing icon. Four days later, with a smaller wave, Maverick’s succeeded in drowning one of Hawaii’s legendary big-wave surfers, Mark Foo. That death both secured Maverick’s murderous status among surfing cognoscenti and spurred on Moriarity.

It sounds as if he lived an eventful life that includes a lot of material Hanson can use for his onscreen visual feast. This could be great…if Sean Penn doesn’t ruin it. He’s been such a wet blanket lately.

What do you think? Are you interested in Hanson’s surfing biopic?