Next month Matthew Vaughn’s comic adaptation Kick-Ass will storm into theaters with blood, gore, and F-bombs galore. Even though the movie hasn’t dropped yet the British director already has his eye on his next project, which will be another property from the comic book genre.

According to a report from Latino Review, Vaughn will take on the defunct Valiant comic Bloodshot for his next project. Apparently there are two volumes in the series, with slightly different stories from each other. Vaughn will concentrate on adapting volume two for the big screen. The comic centers on “a reanimated government assassin killing machine named Angelo.” The director plans on co-writing the screenplay alongside Jane Goldman who also wrote Kick-Ass for him.

William/Endeavor closed the deal, and Vaughn is fully financing the project. Apparently, there were some rumors that comic author Mark Millar had some involvement with the movie, but this source claims that news was false. Casting for Bloodshot should take place sometime this summer.

I consider myself well-versed in the comic world, but even I’m a bit confused as to who this “Bloodshot” character really is. Unless you live, eat, and breathe every new book that comes out, I’m not sure if the general population will be aware of the source material unless it’s well marketed. On the surface, it looks like an 80′s flick that could have starred any of the actors in Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming move, The Expendables (most likely Dolph Lundgren).

What do you think of Matthew Vaughn taking on Bloodshot? Are you familiar with the comic? Do you think an adaptation could work?