This week, Australian newcomer Liam Hemsworth will appear alongside Miley Cyrus in the romantic drama The Last Song, but after that he’s tackling a tougher role. The actor will star in the action flick Arabian Nights and he recently revealed in an interview what we can expect from his character who’ll be surrounded by several familiar faces.

Over at MTV, Hemsworth gave up the goods on Arabian Nights, the Chuck Russell film that centers on a young commander who, after his king is murdered in a coup, joins forces with Sinbad and Aladdin to rescue Queen Scheherazade. There’s a lot of well known folklore being thrown into this story, which makes me wonder how everything will fit together. Russell penned the script along with Barry P. Ambrose, and Hemsworth went on to give us a better description of what he’ll bring to the table.

“It’s about a young commander of an army, who I play, and his king gets killed and he has to go off and he ends up teaming with the character Sinbad,” he said. “And [my character] asks him if he’ll come back and defend his kingdom and they come back. There’s some really dark bad guys there and it’s an epic film.”

He also revealed that the film will be in 3D, which is kind of a let down, but not really a surprise. I noticed that Hemsowrth was very careful about NOT revealing the name of his character. Who will he play? He also stated that the producers are still casting. He said, “They’re looking at people at the moment.” Am I the only one who thinks it’s ironic that this blond haired, blue-eyed kid will be placed at the center of this Middle-Eastern tale? That’s Hollywood for you.

Who do you think should play Sinbad and Aladdin?