HBO has kicked off its new war drama entitled “The Pacific,” which is considered the “TV” cousin of the previous mini-series, “Band of Brothers.” The show premiered on the cable network on March 14th, and has managed to gain plenty of praise over a short period of time. The show is produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, two men who were very serious about who they chose to tackle the lead roles based on real people.

In “The Pacific” three actors, Jon Seda, Joseph Mazzello (yes, the kid from Jurassic Park), and James Badge Dale play real life soldiers who participated in the war, and after months of casting and training they got to meet the family members and Marines who trained with their alter egos. On the show, Seda stars as John Basilone, a man known for receiving the Medal of Honor for fighting on Guadalcanal. The actor recalls the experience of meeting his loved ones while researching the role.

“It was just so humbling, this whole experience here. You see that young man in their eyes. In a situation like that, I can only hope and wish that I could have an ounce of the courage that these men had. You meet these vets and you’re talking to these vets — we were speechless. We were forcing ourselves to have to ask questions because we’d otherwise just be standing there staring at them.

They visited the World War II museum and spoke to several vets from the period and got first hand knowledge of what went on in the field. If “The Pacific” is following in the footsteps of “Band of Brothers” it’s going to have some big shoes to fill, but they’re taking the necessary steps to get it there. They want to stay true to the time, the experience, and most importantly the people who risked their lives during this tumultuous period in world history.

Have you watched HBO’s The Pacific? Do you think it gives an accurate portrayal of the war?

Source: Nola